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Dellian Breath Capital, INC. combines services and companies helping individuals to return further to themselves!

Dellian Breath Capital, INC. invests in products that set up a new concept of life at all levels. Tomorrow, only those will be able to survive who do whatever pleases them and what is hidden in their hearts. Each individual has a bright and dark side; the bright side is what we carry in our hearts and were given at our birth, and the dark side is what we impart by others. Dellian Breath Capital, INC. uses its products to promote a light/hearty side in individuals.

Dellian Breath Capital, INC. provides business support for these products, and our AdCor Corporation, Ltd. takes care of them. Programmes of this company are carried out through Sirius International Foundation.

We can help you too, in establishing and organisation of enterprises, business and financial advice, or manage your business on behalf of you!


In Dellian Breath Capital, INC., we are engaged in developing the concept of a new way of living.

Our Core Services are covering following aspects:

  • Business Strategy & Operation Advisory
  • Corporate  & Organizational Health Check
  • Corporate Establishment
  • Corporate & Organizational structuring
  • Corporate & Organizational restructoring and transformation
  • Legal & Financial Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Cross-border Transactional Support
  • Commercial Negotiation
  • Corporate Governance

Our Core Services are divided into four product groups:



We have developed the methods we use to clarify thoughts in an individual, and help them to remove from their mind and life everything that does not belong to their true nature; we could say that we release them from all burdens. The thoughts should be cleaned first, if we want to change or clean anything else.

Target customers: Directors, political leaders … we can make change in our environment only by own example.

The product:
Sirius Personal Transformation (SPT)
The SPT method is a controlled process; its main objective is to encourage the guided person to personal growth. It is a flow, which works on the same principle as the nature when making changes or cleaning itself.

The product:
Mayors’ and Presidents’ Academy
An individual who becomes the leader of a community should be aware that the leadership will be based only on their example; therefore, we prepare them for the journey, through which they will change the world to a better place.



When thoughts are clean, we can start making change in the environment where we live or work. And after helping the management in setting clear objectives, we can reorganise the company. We do not build re-organisation on redundancy, but rather on the exploitation of unused and hidden potentials; we simplify processes and reduce costs at all levels, while keeping the quality.

Target customers: State and local administration, family enterprises, larger business/social systems … If we want to make a real change, we should address changes in a comprehensive manner.

The product: Sirius Business Transformation
The method comprises of ten steps and is indispensable in establishing basic principles of an organisation, introducing changes in the work process, and defining the organisational structure in such a manner that does not raise doubts and resistance among employees.

The product: Dynamic Communication Model
We introduce uniform responsibility and stability into the
system, as to ensure the flow of fresh information; we
encourage creativity and loyalty.

The product: Development Potential Scale
Since global and national politicians do not know how and cannot define clear directions to exit the crisis, and are constantly subjected to foreign influence, while the largest burden falls on local communities, the later should stand up and take reins in their own hands in order to avoid being totally dependent on incompetent leaders. Therefore, we have developed a model that enables local communities within the country to develop steadily on the basis of their own potentials.

The product: Comprehensive resolution of violent offences
We use this product to address violence in a closed society in a comprehensive manner. The work begins in key services, and is then transmitted through examples and the method of work to everyone in the community. The main purpose of the project is not blaming, but rather seeking common solutions. By increasing self-esteem, developing culture and communication, we can start reducing the level of violence. Through our project, we can significantly reduce violence in business, local or national environments.



Our key objective is to save the nature by the nature itself. There is no longer room for waste on the Earth, and no more material for new things, at the same time; therefore, it is necessary to build on recycling and to use biodegradable materials. In doing so, we link solutions to users. We focus on the needs of
individual areas.

Target customers: Closed natural areas, countries, regions, municipalities … If we want to live and enjoy the life, we can do it only in a clean environment.

The product: AdCor Service Place
Local communities should be linked among
themselves and to their administrative centre, and should solve as many administrative problems as possible at one place, in order to enable their residents to live and not die in administration trash. Therefore, we have developed the points that can provide a full
administrative support for each resident.

The Product: AdCor Nature Service
Resolving problems in a natural environment or prevention of natural disasters need to be addressed in the same way as they were addressed by the nature. Therefore, we have developed the methods that can be used to preventively intervene in the nature and, consequently, reduce the risk of flooding, pollution, extinction …



Increasing amounts of foods are produced artificially, because we are running out of space. This directly results in changes in the basic cell of humans and our nature. Therefore, we link all naturally produced foods and encourage local communities to self-sufficiency, while in major cities, we set up production of foods without fertilisers, in specially adapted rooms, where the emphasis is given to as natural method as possible; and cities are daily supplied with fresh food.

Target customers: Cities

The product: AdCor Trust
We can change your environment into a completely natural environment from which it has originated. We update your past!


Dellian Breath Capital, INC. is organized as a support framework to our institutions, segmented according to operational specifics.



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